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Artisan hand-crafted floggers out of leather, suede, fur, and many other materials. Each piece is unique; the wood is turned by hand on our lathe, and each fall is hand cut - no mass production machinery is found in our workshop. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Did you know, here at Paleopunk Productions, every flogger is unique?
Unless a matching set is ordered, every single flogger we craft will be a it's own work of art, never to be duplicated. Ever! If you purchase a flogger from us, you are guaranteed to never see it's twin, anywhere. How's that for special?

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Discount! If you have purchased from us before, and would like another one of our floggers, message us with the transaction number and we will send you an invoice discounted 10%! We reward our return customers with an eternal 10% discount on ALL items, with proof of original purchase. 

International Orders: Please Note! International shipping is an additional $15 per order. Message us for an invoice and we will send you a request for the correct total. If an International order is received by paying using the basic shipping included below, we will send you a request for the additional shipping charge.

Pick-Up Orders: If you are able to pick up your purchase from us locally, please contact us via email! We can arrange a pickup time that fits your schedule. Pick-up orders can be paid at the time of pickup (cash only), or through Paypal; if Paypal is requested, we will send you a custom payment invoice without shipping cost.

New floggers yet to be posted - email us for photos!

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Sensuality, Sadism & Style
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