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Wire Wrap Jewelry

Wire Wrap Jewelry
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Handmade One-Of-A-Kind Pendants

Each piece of Wire-Wrap Jewelry is hand crafted to a unique design, using all types of stones and complimentary silver, bronze, or gold colored wire. Commissions are also available for no extra charge! Just email your preferred stone color and wrap style, and a beautiful piece will be crafted for you in 1-3 days. 

Shipping is available for an additional $2. We also combine shipping on multiple items, 50 per additional item.

If you are interested in an individual piece, please contact us via our contact form and we will process your purchase.

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A Heart Shared
This is an intricate pendant made of silver colored wire and a pink Dalmatian Jasper stone. It was stylized to represent two halves of a heart, one made up by the stone, the other by the space in the wire wrapping.

A Piece of Sunlight
This piece is made with a beautiful, naturally yellow, semi-translucent quartz crystal shard. It fades from a beautiful honey golden at the top to a pretty lemonade cream at the bottom, with flickers of barely-there rainbow throughout. :) In the sun, it shines gorgeously. Just a stunning stone! Photos do it no justice. It is wrapped in gold colored wire in a semi-edgewrap, semi-freeform style.

Amber Energy
amberenergy.jpg, not titled after the song. :p This is a playful pendant, semi-translucent amber-colored quartz edgewrapped in gold colored wire. It boasts triangular spirals, which is not common among my pendants.

Blue Whispers
This is one of my favorite pendants, and I have decided to keep it for myself. It's made of silver colored wire, edgewrapping a blue colored Dalmatian Jasper stone. Though it's not available, I can made a duplicate if requested.

Cerulean Berry
I just love the colors of this stone! It's a blue colored Agate, perhaps Lace, with just a hint of green. Very deeply colored, and semi-translucent. It is freeform wrapped in silver colored wire, with two little 'leaves' at the top, hence the name.

Copper Sun
This pendant is created with both copper and gold colored wire, edgewrapped around a beautiful Carnelian stone. It is semi-translucent and shines nicely in the sun. A lot of detail went into it, and I like the result.

Dangling Bones
I went outside of the box with this one! This is a set of earrings, made with silver colored wire and real coyote bones! (These are from farmed coyotes, not wildlife, for those who were concerned.) For the more adventurous individual.

Duel Winds
Keeping in line with my last post, this pendant is once again made of bone. Deer bone, to be exact - and yes, once again, from farmed deer. It is freeform wrapped in gold colored wire. This is a pendant unique to my collection so far, in that it has two hanging loops. When on a chain, it will form a triangle.

First Tree of Life
This is my first attempt at a Tree of Life. I think it came out pretty well! I will be keeping this first one, but you can bet that I will be making more. I have also bought tiny beads and stone chips, to 'leaf' the trees with.

Heart Pieced Together
I decided to try a new angle on my wire wrapping and craft hammered wire. This is the result! Made with silver colored wire, and a pretty little red glass bead.

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~Naamah Creations~